Dead Hollywood

A strangers fascination with dead movie stars and how they managed to pass to the other side.

Screen Greats Cover

My husband happened to spot an old Hollywood magazine, 'Screen Greats', in a second-hand shop. Knowing I'd love it, he snapped it up. When he brought it home, he had a wee browse through it. The previous owner had defaced the magazine with handwritten notes in biro. They seemed to have a bit of a fascination about which stars were dead and how they may have come to their demise.

Deathly comments were written on some of the photographs. A beautiful photo of Betty Grable, with just the words 'Dead'. Sometimes we get a bit more information. Leslie Howard - Killed Plane Crash. At other times the cause of death is underlined if mentioned in the article. What a strange compulsion to deface the magazine like this.

I find this funny but unsettling at the same time. People are extraordinary.