Art and photography

A selection of my photographs, drawings and prints. More to add and always more to do.

No Parking

Bounced cheques

Ongoing project on the market area of Dublin 7

Want a cuppa full

Tea, cakes and headscarves

My digital drawings inspired by long lost photographic slide film.

The devil is always lurking

Merging beauty with the beast

My fondness for industrial spaces overlaid by beautiful women from another era.

Red lady

Hollywood Kodachrome

Digital drawings of movie stars from the Golden Era of Hollywood.

Office Reflection - It's nearly time

Office reflections

Office life reflected through windows.

Limerick O Connell Street shamrock boy

Limerick in black and white

Black and white photographs from my rambles around Limerick in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Never Really Getting It

Dublin, my Dublin

Photographs of the ramshackled Dublin that I love so much.

The Landmark Pioneered Supermarketing

We pioneered supermarketing

Nenagh Shopping Centre also known as The Landmark or Joeys is a distant memory now.


People I meet

Trying to make a connection with people I know and meet on the off chance.

Ah ha ha ha

Silver screen Betty

Fictitious self-portraits, fabricating a new me.

Picking meat out of teeth with gun in hand


Self portraits as a fictional volunteer of the Irish Republican Army.