Office reflections

Office life reflected through windows.

Office Reflection - It's nearly time

I work part-time in a corporate office, where some of the windows have mirrored glass. In a particular light, the windows take on a life of their own. They reflect back the internal office space and the street outside, sometimes with equal measure. The effect changes depending on the weather and the time of day. Sunsets or dark cloudy days are the most effective for getting that double reaction.

I wondered how someone peering in from the outside might perceive our daily slow manoeuvres. These photographs illuminate the professed mundanity of office life in contrast to my propensity to daydream as I look through windows on the world outside.

All images were taken and edited on an iPhone 4s.

Conlon emphasizes the banality of her subjects’ condition by photographing them as reflections in the office window. The result is a visually and conceptually loaded double image of an outside and an inside world. The workers appear trapped, longing to be elsewhere, outside.
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I'm so grateful to Mazars Ireland for their generous sponsorship for framing my nine images to exibit at FORMAT International Photography Festival and for supporting me throughout this project when I really should have been working.

Giving a talk during the RUA Annual Exhibition in 2013

Talking about my two photographs which were exhibiting at the Ulster Museum

Ladies in the window at The Library Project

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Because I can get more done

Drawn to the sky

It's nearly time

Sure I'll just straighten it here

What's it doing out there

The photo shoot

It's just lashing

I should really archive that

Waiting for something to happen

What was I doing again?

You work while I play

It's getting dark now

Fire drill

Let me fix your tie

The sky's on fire