Bounced cheques

Ongoing project on the market area of Dublin 7

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I've been taking photographs in the market area of Dublin over the last 12 years. The heart of this area lies in the Victorian Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable Market. This building is over 125 years old, and Dubliners had been trading within its walls all that time. The market closed its doors in 2019 to make way for significant refurbishment. As a result, the area has become a shadow of its former self. It presently lies idol apart from being a storage space for a construction company as the area becomes besieged by new hotels that swallow up the city, leaving no room for everyday living.

While the market was still operating, I frequently took photographs inside. I have documented the slow deterioration of the market and its surrounding area. As the traders were squeezed out the beauty of the building revealed itself. My images tell a story of the market's heyday to its sad demise. I have managed to gather once cherished items that were left behind and reminders that still whisper their tales of a reminder of all the voices lost.

Sounds from the market

Thanks to SM Milligan for editing my field recordings.

Sounds from the market area are thankfully still alive today, but for how long?
If you take away the hum of a city what is left to see only a soulless carcass

I have gathered discarded objects such as notebooks, documents and signage from the market, which reveal stories of the working day. All of these objects are reminders to the history of this place. Through this redevelopment, communities are not being built or encouraged. It reverses Dublin's evolution as a community base and erases its culture and history. This emphasises the immediate importance of preserving elements of this historical and remarkable place.

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I exhibited some of this work in progress at The Darkroom in Stoneybatter, Dublin 7 in July 2022 as part of the PhotoIreland festival. This was a fantastic opportunity to analyse everything I have so far and see want direction I want this project to go. I will continue to research the market's history and long narrative over its 125 years of trading and the transformation of this area. I endeavour to tell the story of this vital part of working-class Dublin and how this regeneration/gentrification may or may not benefit the remaining local traders and residents.

Exhibition at the Darkroom

Slideshow from my exhibition Bounced Cheques a work in progress at The Darkroom in Stoneybatter, Dublin 7.