Stoneybatter Slideshow

Presenting some of my favourite images at the Stoneybatter Slideshow.

Slideshow header

I got a call from filmmaker Luke McManus to see if I'd like to be part of his Stoneybatter Slideshow. The idea was to pick ten images that I found inspiring or meaningful. These images could be my own or somebody else's. I found the task daunting but appealing. Whittling it down to ten took longer than I thought.

There seems to be a lot of very creative people in the Dublin 7 area, and I was presenting with an exceptional group that day. The presentations were live-streamed and Pixelated created this video for me merging the sound files and the images I discuss.

Listen back and view my slide show

Thanks so much to Luke for asking me to take part and to Bí Urban for letting us use their great space. It was a full house.